When it comes to making changes, we tend to think about the stuff we have to “give up.”

The Restrictions.

The Sacrifices.

My main focus is helping my readers and clients figure out what to ADD to their life. What can we build in that won’t cause extra stress but will still lead you toward your overall goal?

We want new, life changing habits… not changes that make us feel worse or like we’re missing out!


life changing habits


You see, in order to create positive and lasting changes you have to do something different. No matter what your goals are for the year, adding in new habits will help you make some BIG changes over the next 12 months.

Commit to new habits, 1 each month, and you’re bound to see improvements in your mindset and life.

By focusing on 1 at a time, you’ll have time to adjust and make it part of your life. And as you go, the more healthy habits you build into your day, the more the “bad stuff” will get edged out.

This year isn’t about sacrifices and restrictions. It’s about trying new things and adding in habits that bring you happiness and create positive shifts in your life!


12 Life Changing habits – 1 for each month

If you’re committed to trying 1 new thing each month and making it part of your life, you’ll end the year in a happier, healthier, more confident place!

1. Write your goals & dreams down at the start of each day. Designate a special notebook for dreaming big. Take a few minutes each morning and write them down. In a list or in paragraphs; whatever is best for you. By putting your thoughts, your dreams and your goals onto paper, you can physically see your priorities and what’s important to you on any given day.

2. Learn something new. Wisdom is power. Is there something that intrigues you? Why not learn more? Sign up for a course, watch a webinar, read a book or take a class and fulfill that curiosity!

3. Add a healthy habit. When we’re focused on losing weight or working on a physical goal, we tend to restrict ourselves. This month, what can you add to your daily routine that’ll benefit your health? Commit to drinking an extra glass of water or cooking 1 new food each week or adding in 5 more minutes of exercise. Small tweaks in your nutrition and fitness can make a world of difference.

4. Break a bad habit. Here’s where I’ll address sacrifices… When it comes to smoking and addiction issues, I’m an advocate for dealing with that specific issue. If that’s not you, ask yourself “What bad habit can I kick this month?” I was a nail-biter for as long as I can remember and one day I realized how nice my nails looked when I wasn’t gnawing at them. It didn’t have a direct correlation on my health, but it made me feel so much better! So whether it be something as dangerous as smoking or as simple as nail-biting, focus on kicking that habit to the curb!

5. Move your body. If you don’t like the treadmill or the thought of working out, you’re not alone. The key to fitness is to find something you enjoy. Find something you’ll actually do! Schedule a class, find an outdoor bootcamp, grab a buddy, try something like Orange Theory or Soul Cycle, or visit the town next door and see what they have. You don’t need a specific amount of time or a special class to lose weight or get in shape; you just need to figure out what you enjoy doing and what will help you move your body more than you do now!

6. Stop complaining. Optimists aren’t 100% happy all the time…they’re simply non-complainers. Take note of the things you complain about. Be honest with yourself! Do you whine about not having time to cook or not wanting to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier to workout? Go back to basics. How about being grateful for having a kitchen? Think about how nice it is to have a phone to check Facebook on instead of taking that 1/2 hour you just wasted to cook a meal. Why not wake up and think how fortunate you are that you have a bed to lie down in each night? And a body that’s capable of physical activity. When we get back to basics, focus on being grateful and stop complaining, life looks a lot sweeter.

7. Face a fear. What are you afraid of? Rejection? Someone’s opinion? Stepping outside your comfort zone? Ask yourself,” What’s more important – my happiness or someone else’s opinion?” If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try or a goal you’ve been keeping yourself from, be honest with yourself about what’s holding you back. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

8. Look yourself in the mirror EVERY DAY and give yourself a compliment. Learning to love yourself is absolutely possible. I don’t care if you have to “fake it til you make it,” look your amazing self in the mirror every freakin’ day and point out every single thing you like. Do you have nice shoulders? Long eyelashes? Unique features or gorgeous hair? Do you have 2 strong legs that carry you through each day? The more you love yourself, the more permission you give others to love you. Self love is one of the best new habits you can learn! Bonus points if you add in an ‘I Love You’ after the compliments.

9. Give back. Do something for someone else this month. Volunteer time, clean out your closet, write a check, donate food. it doesn’t matter how big or how small your donation may seem. Find a way to give back to a cause you believe in and commit to doing it at least once a month from here on out!

10. Don’t buy anything new. How difficult is it to not buy anything for yourself? (Besides food and necessities.) Focus on the fact that what you already have is truly enough. Choose to focus on gratitude this month instead of that new pair of yoga pants. Your sanity and wallet will thank you.

11. Pick up a new book and finish it by the end of the month. Ask for recommendations from friends for a good personal development book – there’s tons out there! Take this month to spend some of your free time reading and growing as a person. Once you finish it, reflect on what you learned and recommend it to someone else who might enjoy it.

12. Create a bucket list of habits for the next year. If you added in each of those habits over the past year, you now have 12 new things you do each month that have the power to drastically change your life for the better. Now, how can you take it to the next level? Put some thought into what you want to achieve next year.


This year, toss the restrictions and the sacrifices – Commit to 1 new habit each month and by the end of the year you’ll be doing 12 things that are bound to help you live a healthier, happier life!