We all have those times. Times when were feeling stuck, depressed or just flat out discouraged. And, more often than not, we’ll turn to unhealthy things to help us get out of a funk.

It happens & it can suck. But we’re human & there are solutions!

But alcohol and feeling sorry for yourself aren’t always the most beneficial.

In fact, they’re pretty much counterproductive.

A few months ago, I started to feel really discouraged. About everything. Because I have high aspirations & I want nothing more than to see this enormous vision I have come to life. But instead of pushing back or recognizing what was happening, I let myself continue to slip and fall more into a funk. It eventually caught up to me, when my eating started going downhill & my sleep started to suffer. No bueno.

Because I’m so passionate about what I do, I knew I had to come up with a solution and it had to happen fast. I wasn’t giving up but I needed to relight my fire.

So I gave myself a reality check about what I needed to change.

And I crafted myself a cheat sheet of things to do if it started to happen again.

Though I was able to turn things around fairly quickly, I know everyone is different. You might be able to recognize & help yourself right away, or it might take a while longer.

Regardless, learning how to get out of a funk in a healthy way can be done no matter who you are.

get out of your funk

But first, you have to be honest & realistic.

Give yourself that Reality Check with a capital R-C.

Because you need to (and should!) know what’s going on with you! And taking a healthy, proactive approach is a lot better in the long run!


Use these suggestions & get out of that funk!

Be Mindful

We often distract distract distract. But our feelings are available to us for a reason. They’re powerful & let us know if something’s out of whack. So one of the first things you have to do, instead of just distracting yourself from the problem, is recognize what’s happening. Don’t ignore it!


Check Your Lifestyle

Are you taking care of the simple things you need to do daily to keep yourself healthy? Take inventory of what you are and aren’t doing. Making small changes can often make a HUGE difference.

  • Are you going to bed at a decent hour?
  • Are you getting enough Vitamin D? (Especially in the Winter months, a good Vitamin D supplement can be crucial for your body & mind!)
  • Are you eating well or bogged down with junk food?
  • Are you staying hydrated (with water!) or living on coffee & soda?



Putting pen to paper can be incredibly therapeutic. Letting your thoughts flow can bring great clarity & help you understand what your next step should be.

  • Morning Pages: Writing down your thoughts first thing in the morning can help you start the day out on a positive note
  • Journaling: Making entries as often as you need and just getting them out of your head
  • Daily Gains: In the evening, start listing everything that went well that day


Move It

Exercise. You knew it was coming. It doesn’t matter how bad of a funk you feel like you’re in, physical fitness is good for your body & mind. Exercise increases the oxygen that’s available to your brain AND releases endorphins. Taking time to get physical might be all the clarity you need to reconnect with yourself and get beyond that funk.



We store our emotions in our bodies, specifically our connective tissues. Going for a massage or getting accupuncture not only gives you the permission you might need to freakin’ relax, but relieves muscle tension & stress you might be holding on to. Other things to try may be energy work, yoga or a hot epsom salt bath.


Be Generous

When we’re struggling or in a state of scarcity, one of the best things we can do is to give. Make a donation, volunteer your time, smile at everyone you meet. Being a genuinely kind & generous human can lift your mood.


Go With It

Okay, this is not my favorite but I admit that it’s sometimes necessary. You might need to just let yourself experience that funk before you do something about it. I work with a lot of people (women, especially), and sometimes they need to just have a quick pity party and make the conscious decision to come out stronger on the other side. Whether it’s a couple hours in bed, a really good cry or a weekend at home rather than going anywhere, that might be what you need to “get it out.” As long as you have a plan for what’s next, resorting to this isn’t always the worst thing. (Though I encourage you to try the other stuff first!)


how to get out of a funk


What helps you get out of your funk? Add your suggestions in the comments & don’t forget to share this post with others!