Working out can sometimes feel like such a chore. (Okay, for a lot of people it often feels like a chore!) In fact, a sweat sesh is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re busy, stressed or lacking motivation. Yet we all know our physical health is an important piece of the puzzle.

Easier said than done. I get it.

That’s why knowing how to fit in a workout can help. If you’re new to working out out or trying to create a new routine, I don’t want you to feel like fitness is another thing you have to do. The simple tips below can help you build fitness into your life, make it fun and ease the stress of new goals.

Where do we begin?

First, we have to know what’s stopping us from starting… and more often then not, it’s the issue of time.

Time is a HUGE factor for most people. It’s THE number one reason my readers and clients aren’t getting it done. I hear it all the time and totally understand the frustration.

fit in a workout

If we all have the same 24 hours in a day, how is it that some people seem to get more done?

Simply put: Working out, like anything we do, is a personal choice. We spend our time, money and resources what we deem valuable. It’s human nature.

The only way to figure out what we need to change is to be honest with ourselves. The initial decision to make a change is difficult and half the battle!

I had a client (let’s call her Sue), who came to me frustrated, lacking confidence but full of determination to lose weight and feel better about her life. When we audited her time, she realized she was spending several 15 minute pockets of time sitting on her couch scrolling through Facebook… yet she believed she was too busy and didn’t have enough time in her day to take care of herself.

Once Sue figured out how to simplify the process of fitting in workouts, she placed a higher value on her health. Working out became more important to her than getting lost in her news feed.

It’s clients like Sue that drive me to help people figure out how to hack their time. To help others accomplish the things they view as valuable and necessary.

Because of my clients and my own ever-changing schedule, I’m constantly auditing time and figuring out ways to make sure we fit in workouts – regardless of moods, schedules and time!

how to fit in a workout

Fit in a Workout- Make it Fun & Get it Done

Get Some Fun Stuff – Have you been wanting to try resistance bands or those new compression capris your friend was talking about? Go grab some! You don’t have to purchase an entire home-gym or new wardrobe, but having a couple new items in your gym bag can make fitness more fun. A lot of my clients who have weight loss goals like to reward milestones with new clothes; but almost all of them purchase a couple new items in the beginning because it gives them another reason to get excited to workout.


Schedule it with Yourself – When we schedule tasks, we tend to view them as more important. Would you cancel a meeting with your boss because you didn’t feel like it? If you have goals that involve well-being and/or physical fitness, working out is key piece to the puzzle. Start by scheduling workouts a couple days a week and go from there. Oftentimes we overextend ourselves in the beginning, so don’t schedule in workouts every day unless you know you’re going to do it. Schedule them in and begin to set yourself up for success.


Wake Up – I don’t mean wake up in the morning and workout. Unless that works for you. I mean don’t use feeling tired as a reason to neglect your body. Physical fitness has long been proven to increase energy and the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. When we’re feeling tired, it’s all the more reason to make sure we fit in a workout and ramp up our natural energy levels.


Make it Enjoyable – If you’re trying to get into a routine or newer to working out, figure out what you like to do. If you hate running, don’t try to force yourself to run for every workout. You’ll end up resenting your workouts and the novelty will probably wear off pretty quickly. Figure out what you like doing and do that… once you have a routine, then start to pepper in the things you don’t necessarily love. There’s endless options nowadays that can help you get moving, so don’t feel limited. No gym, try DVDs or online programs. For a fraction (or sometimes zero!) of the cost of a gym membership, you can absolutely get in a great workout at home.

There’s so many perks to building fitness into our days and I hope you’ll give your new routine a try. Be honest with yourself about how you’re currently spending your time, use the tips above and break a sweat!