I’ll admit, I’m kind of an Instagram addict. There’s literally something for everyone.

I love that I have motivational quotes and inspiring lives at my fingertips.

I especially love following other moms who share everything from food to fitness.

Because healthy, fit moms get it. They’re balancing their health with their hectic lives… and I respect that. Motherhood is a tough job!

Seeing frequent posts from other moms is inspiring. It’s a testament to the strength & vulnerabilities moms face on a daily basis.

And for that, fit moms on Instagram, we thank you.

Most Inspiring Fit Moms

In no particular order, I wanted to share my faves with you… so…

Check out some of the coolest fit moms who are makin’ it happen! 

1. Cassidy

Find her on Instagram: @CASS.FITYOGI

Mission: Mommy & wife living a healthy lifestyle.


2. Masumi

Find her on Instagram: @MASUMI_G

Mission: Food * Fitness * Healing, CoFounder of @TwoFitMoms


3. Kara

Find her on Instagram: @KARABEAN13

Mission: Mom to my dogs.


4. Christine

Find her on Instagram: @HEALTHYGIRLSGUIDE

Mission: Author of “The healthy girl’s guide to breast cancer.”


5. Stefanee

Find her on Instagram: @KAI_PILATESYOGABARRE

Mission: Navy mom, vegan & beach lover.

Instagram Fit Moms


6. Anne

Find her on Instagram: @GOKCENARIKAN

Mission: Pilates & fitness instructor, lucky wife & mom of 2.


7. Thuy

Find her on Instagram: @MANGO_TWEE

Mission: Bending & stretching, mama, young heart, old soul.


8. Alicia

Find her on Instagram: @FITHIPMOM

Mission: Wife, mother & vinyasanista.


9. Heidi

Find her on Instagram: @HEIDIYOGI

Mission: Yoga here, there & everywhere.


10. Angela

Find her on Instagram: @RACE_ADDICT

Mission: Runner mom &race addict.

Instagram Fit Moms


11. Heidi

Find her on Instagram: @REALHEIDIPOWELL

Mission: Mommy to 4 amazing kids & trainer.


12. Amelia

Find her on Instagram: @AMELIAMEYERSFITNESS

Mission: The Mommy Project founder.


13. Destanie

Find her on Instagram: @FITMODERNMOM

Mission: Attempting to balance a happy, healthy & beautiful life.


14. Becki

Find her on Instagram: @BECKIALLEN1130

Mission: Wife, mom & fitness fanatic.


15. Leslie

Find her on Instagram: @LESLIESTORMS

Mission: Ashtangi, trained marriage therapist & owner of Love Enlivens.

Instagram Fit Moms


16. Sarechaederra

Find her on Instagram: @SARECHAEDERRA

Mission: Weightlifter, yoga teacher & brand ambassador.


17. Jamie

Find her on Instagram: @JAMIEEASONMIDDLETON

Mission: Christian, Wife, Mom, Bodybuilding.com Athlete & Fitness Expert


18. Heather

Find her on Instagram: @HEATHER_MORARU

Mission: Mom of 3, Wife, 38 years young, Crossfit Addict


19. Angi

Find her on Instagram: @ANGIGREENE

Mission: Mother, Model, Athlete


20. Amber

Find her on Instagram: @AMBERRUNS_WILD

Mission: Colorado native, Runner, Yogi, Mom of One

Instagram Fit Moms


21. Laura 

Find her on Instagram: @LAURASYKORA

Mission: Wife, Mother, Yogi, Cofounder of @TwoFitMoms


22. Lauren

Find her on Instagram: @CFLBROOKS

Mission: Joke Maker, People Lover, Crossfit Games Athlete 2014


23. Wendy

Find her on Instagram: @W3NDY_82

Mission: Finding joy in simplicity


24. Kayla

Find her on Instagram: @THANKFULLY_TIRED_KAYLA

Mission: Documenting why I’m thankful & tired at the end of each day!


25. Jen

Find her on Instagram: @BITCHINHOUSEWIFE

Mission: Urban Hippie, Mom of 2, Vegetarian, Heavy Things Lifter, Yogi

Instagram Fit Moms

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