It may seem “trendy” and is getting a ton of attention lately, but mindfulness has been around a long time & it’s here to stay. More & more studies are supporting the practice and researchers are using it for everything from daily stressors to terminally ill patients.

Living-in-the-moment may not be easy but it’s highly rewarding. As you learn to be more mindful, you’ll have better control over your stress, pain & struggles. Mindfulness isn’t something you can learn overnight, but the sooner you start making a daily effort, the sooner you can start to enjoy living in the now.

And don’t worry, it’s not as woo-woo as you think!


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Mindfulness isn’t just for monks & gurus.

It’s not some crazy thing that the average person can’t “have” or “do.”

It doesn’t require “going anywhere” or having a special gift.

Mindfulness is what happens when you pay attention, on purpose, to your life.

Without judgment. Without wishing you were thinking or doing something different.

Simple. As. That.


Why is Mindfulness important?

When you’re able to keep yourself rooted in the present moment, you lower the anxiety and stress responses to everything going on around you.

To learn to keep yourself rooted in what’s currently happening, to be more mindful, you have to train yourself to pay attention. And no matter how busy you are, it’s totally doable!

If you look at mindfulness as a “concept” or “just a good idea,” it won’t do anything for you. It can’t. You have to make it work for you. Once you  “do it” and make it a regular practice, you’ll feel the benefits.

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3 ways to be more mindful everyday…starting right now!

  1. Close your eyes for a moment and focus only on your breath. Notice the thoughts flowing in and out of your mind, and let them be. Don’t try to think something different or wish them away. Breathing and letting the thoughts come & go (without judgment!) can bring more peace to your entire day.
  2. Be present. How many times are you with a friend or your spouse or even your child, but you’re not really there? Focus on being more present and giving your full attention to the task at hand allows more joy into your life.
  3. You’ll only get better with practice and it’s likely going to take some work. But as you begin, it’s okay keep your practice short. In fact, I recommend it. Trying to force yourself to do anything only creates frustration, so give yourself a break and keep it simple. Sitting for just a few moments each day can make a big difference.




Extra Credit:

Did you know Buddha statues aren’t a symbol of divinity?

They actually a representation of a state of mind; One that includes a state of wakefulness & mindfulness.

Cool huh?


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