Heather P.

I had everything people my age want and dream about, but everything was missing at the same time. I was really unhappy with work and life. I knew Lori from the community around me and that was when I took the step back to myself. I began a journey to improve myself and I knew I needed help with this. I met with Lori in person for three months and she was such an amazing support and confronter all within one. She helped me to face what I wasn’t paying attention to and understood what I should be asking myself. She taught me to understand how I tick and why I like to do what I do…aka to figure out “who I am.”

She is amazing at what she does. She has all the dynamics of understanding what needs to be asked, supporting the person, and showing them how to get there. She truly wants to see everyone be the best they can be and always choosing the “Hell Yes!” She helped myself to find everything I had lost within the noise of life and more.

Heather P. Private Coaching client, IL
Katie B.

I hired Lori for my goal of losing the weight, mainly my abdominal fat, by my 40th birthday. I had this goal for 5 years and was very slowly chipping away at it. By 2017 I had less than a year left. I came very close to that goal (I’ve lost pounds AND inches) but Lori gave me so much more: confidence, affirmations to use daily, a shoulder to lean on when things got tough, and motivation. Lori gave me the motivation and a belief in myself to keep myself going, not just in exercise and nutrition, but in all aspects of my life. On a five-star scale rating, I give her a 10! Even though our time has “ended,” I still use all of the helpful information she shared with me.

Katie B. Private Coaching client, WI
Cheridene B.

Working with Lori made me realise how important I am and lead me onto a path of self discovery of self improvement.  Lori is patient, understanding and non-judgmental.  I felt so at ease and after our session I felt ready to take on the world.

Cheridene B. Private Coaching client, South Africa
Kamila Gornia

I see Lori as one of the true hidden gems in the field of wellness, but not for long! Her passion and drive for helping her tribe and supporting it has been impeccable and something any client would be lucky to be around. You know she’s not just committed to the client, she’s committed to the entire MOVEMENT. And that’s something truly worth taking note of. Watch her closely. She’s about to blow up!”

Kamila Gornia Owner, KamilaGornia.com
Stacey Portugal & Pam Werner Danzig

Lori is one of the most energetic, positive people we know. Her knowledge about wellness, health and her business is impressive, and she’s definitely someone you want to work with!

Stacey Portugal & Pam Werner Danzig Co-founders, Fit Rats
Sarah Baker

Lori was incredible to work with! Her topics were curated specifically for my event and she even created an entire 45 minute master class the week before the big event to help with a schedule change. She is extremely professional, timely, and consistent. Her knowledge is evident and she also walks the talk – girls got guns!

Sarah Baker Owner, Balanced Babe
Katie D.

I had gotten to a certain point and was happy with myself after when my first son was 1 year old, and I wanted that back. The personal development coupled with the support helped me deal with the emotions and “mom guilt.” Support is incredibly important, especially when you don’t live near family. So having people relate to your journey and the support of a community is really helpful. I’ve already lost all my baby weight (30+ lbs) in 3 months and as I continue to heal and feel even better, I plan to go through the ABS program again and make even more progress.

Katie D. ABS Program success story
Tracey L.

I’m a firm believer that we, as moms, obviously put our kids first and tend to be on “autopilot.” The ABS program allowed me to take care of me & give me the means to get back in the shape (physically & mentally) that I wanted to be in.

Tracey L. ABS Program success story

Lori makes me feel like I can do anything! She incorporated everything I needed into a personalized approach. She has taught me so much about my physical & emotional wellness, and has helped me expand my goals & take my life to a new level.

Sue D., Private Coaching client, NJ

Lori's dedication to her clients is unparalleled. She listened and asked questions in order to develop a customized plan tailored to meet my needs. She is available and provides continuous support. If something isn't working, she addresses it. She is an active partner in her clients' transformations. Lori's coaching is just one part - she also bring professionalism, compassion, dedication & fun!

Marie J., Private Coaching client, MN