what to get mom

The term “fit mom” is a little cliche I know. And it probably belongs on Instagram rather than this blog post, but I’m going to make it work. I promise.

Because we all have a “fit mom” in our lives. A mom that who’s into “life” fitness. Not just fitness fitness. But being the best she can be, at whatever she’s doing.

I’m talking about that awesome mom-boss, health-minded, go-getting woman who could totally use something cool for the holidays. Something special Just. For. Her. A gift that’ll lift her spirits and encourage her to make herself a priority.

There you go. That’s my long winded idea of what a “fit mom” looks like.

And since she’s a very special person, she deserves a unique gift. How do I know this? Because I’ve had several people message me the past couple weeks with the infamous “What to get her” question. And at first, I was coming up completely blank. No ideas.

Nada. Nothing. WTF.

So I started asking the simple “what does she like” question and began coming up with some cool ideas. Then I got to thinking about putting together a holiday gift guide and looked at all things I’ve gotten really excited about this year, my Amazon order list and my wish lists.

Now when people ask me for ideas, I send this to them.

And now you’ll have more than enough ideas for all the wellness-minded, kick-ass women in your life!

Whether her “thing” is:

  • fitness
  • beauty/self-care
  • personal development/books
  • mom-boss “mompreneur”
  • motherhood

or simply making sure she’s having a good time & enjoying life every day… I have an idea for you!

And don’t worry. They’re not gonna break the bank… There’s something here for every price point.


Glass water bottles are amazing, safe and hold up really well. Ello makes some cool looking bottles she’ll want to keep with her.

Carbon38 * You can go to www.carbon38.com and check out all the latest, hottest gear that’ll make anyone feel good about themselves. They carry so many brands it’ll be tough to choose, but they’re sure to have something she’ll love. Gift cards are always a good way to go, but when you’re ready to pick out something special you can take advantage of a special discount with the code LORISTR50. Happy Sweating/Shopping!



Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Lotion is the perfect stocking stuffer…or get her a few things and make a gift set. Any mom would love a chance to pamper herself! P.S. I’m obsessed with the amazing scents of this stuff.


Personal Development/Books

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes was one of my best reads of 2015. Nevermind that it’s a best-seller. This book will give her all kinds of inspiration, but more importantly, actual stuff to start doing. It’s been a game changer for me and I’ve been recommending it to everyone!


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is powerful. With so many amazing ideas and a proven system, the author kicks major organize-your-life-for-the-new-year ass!


Mom-Boss Mompreneur

Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte (or The Desire Map) will give any mom that extra oomph into declaring her goals and making things happen for herself & her family.

If she does business online, a mic or other “techy” things are always welcome. The Smart Lav mic is my go-to when I’m working with a client, on Periscope or in need of good sound through my phone. Bam. Tech Gift for the mompreneur, done!



Himalayan Salt Lamps are now available in a lot of stores but this is one of my favorites. The soft glow is incredibly calming and the natural healing properties will soothe any mom’s stressful day. Or, it’ll double as a nightlight for her little one. Whatever 😉

GoMoji makes awesome massage tools. I have them all and can’t say enough good things. Bonus-you can put them in the freezer! Seriously, every woman deserves one of these! (They even make a foot massager that stays put on the ground as you roll your foot on it and it feels ridiculously good after a long day!)


Life Is Good

Buddha Doodles by Molly Hahn is hands down my favorite gratitude journal. The doodles will make her smile and each page is a gentle reminder to be grateful for the little things in life.

Why a ‘Good Vibes Only’ pillow? Because why not?! She should be able to enjoy the little things in life & have something fun… Hint, don’t forget to buy a pillow to go with this gift!

Do you have other ideas? Share them in the comments and let’s keep the list going!